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As the dust settled, there stood a great machine with a huge round tank supported by six great cartwheels. At one end stood a chimney. Pipes, linking other smaller parts, ran everywhere. Strange Doings at Nadgewicke

A rope, hanging from the ceiling, moved. At its end, thin bony fingers waggled. Or were they simply straggles of sisal strands, wafting in the breeze – the breeze from an ill-fitting window, and was the tapping against that window caused merely by twigs, brushing gently, harmlessly against its grimy panes…?

 ‘Let’s go,’ whispered Gerta. ‘Quickly…’

Strange Doings at Nadgewicke

Wilber’s white eyebrows matched the colour of his unkempt beard, which twitched at each word he spoke. He had a warm friendly voice, with the hint of a lisp. His smile exposed a large gap where two front teeth should have been. Save for all this hair, little grew on his head. In his hands, he held an old tweed cap. Strange Doings at Nadgewicke

‘Not so much of the little,’ Esmond said. ‘Want to know what happened to your guards? The ones you sent to kill me?’  Beyond the Void

Helena started forward. Gerald stopped her. ‘You’ll need this.’ He thrust the hilt of a silver dagger into her hand. ‘Aim for its heart, on the right of its chest.’

Kill something? Aim for its heart? No time to think. Helena’s eyes fixed on the grotesque creature. The gargoyles held their breath – said nothing. Helena Child of the Ancients

‘Grandfather, I have something to tell you. Last night I—’

‘Last night you went to my laboratory and conducted an experiment. I know, of course. It could only be you, Esmond. Who else would have the curiosity to try such a thing? Beyond the Void

Helena’s snake eyes blazed and the bird exploded in a ball of flame. Helena Child of the Ancients

Dark. Very dark, and cold. Helena’s hands held tight around the hanging roots. Or were they fingers, bony fingers – rough and wet witchy fingers. Below her, the hole beckoned. Helena Child of the Ancients

The door latch rattled. It would be Johnson, up early. Esmond smiled and opened the door.

Not Johnson.

No one.

Not a breath passed Esmond’s lips for a full five seconds... Beyond the Void

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