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Strange Doings at Nadgewicke

Nadgewicke new cover Kindle 1600 x 2560.jpg

Witches, bones, a fat cat and a fox.

    How can Gerta and Mary overcome the terrible affliction that has befallen their village, and the strange and devious deeds of Mrs Ramsbottom, the most horrid teacher in the world... And just what is she doing with so many cockroaches, and come to that, the vicar...

    When their village is cut off from the outside world, Gerta and Mary must defeat the wickedness that pervades their home.

    Witches are not all bad, are they? 'Anyway,' says Gerta, 'they don't exist.'

    This is a story of magic, mystery and heroism; of humour and romance. A story of friendship... And the power of love.

     Did we mention spooky?

Beyond the Void

Beyond the void kindle 2 72dpi-1500x2000 (29).jpg

His grandfather is an eccentric scientist, his mother a believer in other worlds. But he went to her funeral 4 years ago, after his father disappeared, presumed dead.

    Esmond, a schoolboy with immense curiosity, and just a little imagination, visits his grandfather and discovers more than the man's weird machine – he discovers how to use it.

     What of the girl who haunts the house? Is she really there, or part of some deep seated memory? Finding his mother's journal, "Beyond the Void", Esmond is swept into another world and perils he could never have imagined. But this is no dream...

     Meet Screvitt, the Witzens, and Drescle, the despotic ruler of Mysperdal, who wants  Esmond dead. Can Esmond find the girl who haunts him – or will Drescle beat him to it?

Helena Child of the Ancients
Secret of the Black Tower

Helena 1 Kindle 72dpi-1600 x 2560 5 to 8 ratio 3.jpg

Sometimes even a princess has to fight monsters


Just days before Helena’s eleventh birthday, she comes to realise she really is different from others in her class, her school—well, anywhere. Why is everything looking  a little green…and why did Tracy, the school bully, call her a witch?

    A strange way for powers to arrive, just like that, in the middle of the playground.

    Strange, too, that so soon after, she is whisked away to the magical and scary Kingdom of Silvara. It’s not something she’d asked for—not really. Well, except she had looked at that coloured drawing by her bed, of her mother—the mother she’d never known—and wished her to come alive...

    Everything in Silvara is new, weird—exciting—dangerous. After all, this is where the evil scallahoops live. And the witch, Martha. And the wicked King Malstag of Vlocksallin.

    What of the queen herself? So beautiful, and yet so determined to keep Helena from the Black Tower, as if hiding some terrible secret...

Book no.2
Book no.1
Book no.3
Book no. 4
Helena 2 cover Kindle cover with text -72dpi-1600x2560 (25).jpg

HELENA Child of the Ancients Book 2
The Elixir of  Life

Pixies? Do they exist?

All is not well in Silvara, and Helena must return to save those most precious to her. Facing danger at every turn, she must find the Elixir of Life to save her mother’s life – before the next full moon.

  Just one clue, unearthed by the ever-resourceful Yollop, sets Helena on her quest. But one clue doesn’t get you far, especially when it means breaking in to a wicked king’s castle.

  But Malstag has reasons of his own to find the elixir. Could this mean he will actually help Helena in her quest?

  Not if Braiksgarth can help it. He has a quest of his own: to revive the mightiest scallahoop of them all, and to do battle with Silvara and Grondusplatte.

  Of course, finding the Elixir of Life is no simple task, needing a little help from a wizard, and the pixies of Wixted Wood, who have some little problem of their own. Something to do with an ogre…

Book no. 5
Book 6
HELENA 3 KINDLE 3 1600 x 2560.jpg

HELENA Child of the Ancients Book 3

The Battle for Freedom

A Promise is a Promise

Helena's not one to go against her word.

Freedom, that's what Scruff said. Not just for him, but for all Malstag's slaves.

But what of the evilBraiksgarth, and Malstag himself, preparing to go to war with Silvara?

This is a fight Helena cannot afford to lose, and yet her powers are waning, given up to save the life of another - Sophia, whose transformation from mighty scallahoop to human form also needs a little weird wizardry from the Glonks (whose dabbling wizardry is dodgy at best)

What if Sophia remains a scallahoop and joins Malstag in battle? What then?

Come, join Helena, Dr Pathogenskew and Scruff - and perhpas even Igor himself - in this showdown between good and evil.

A battle for freedom itself.

Great Aunt Bertha cover E C Hutchcroft resized_edited_edited.jpg

Great Aunt Bertha

Short story 

An unexpected visit creates havoc in the Hopkins household and tests loyalty and allegiances. A humorous take on family life, the importance of doing English homework, and the occasional perks of detention. Can harmony return, or will Aunt Bertha’s visit be its end? A short story for a bus or train ride … or just because you like short stories – with a bit of flavour …

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